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At the Trattoria Amici, you will find the most authentic and vibrant taste of rustic Italy in Brentwood, and a stylish venue for dining. If you are looking for a calming spa treatment, consider the Queen Bee for facial and body waxing. You can create your own needlepoint at Aristeia, which offers workshops and classes for all sewing and stitching levels. Receive quality service and expertise at Brentwood Pharmacy, located next door to Brentwood Shipping. Overall, the 26th and San Vicente center is an upscale, diversified locale that will cater to your restaurant and shopping needs.
2528-38 San Vicente Blvd. & 200-218 26th Str., Brentwood, CA 90402 13,070 1956 Ed Sachse (Kennedy Wilson) 310.887.6250 and Christine Deschaine (Kennedy Wilson) 310.887.6254 Kennedy Wilson, Pam Dart 310.887.6239 Trattoria Amici, Scoop Stores CA, LLC, Harwood Aristeia, Harry Harris Shoes, Bee the Queen, Inc., Brentwood Shipping Brentwood Country Mart, James Perse, Broken English, Calypso St. Barth, Farmshop, Starbucks, Theory Demographics $165,236 $4,307,333 10,742 per day