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The Auerbach Companies are well known and highly respected within the real estate industry and made major contributions, particularly in west Los Angeles, in the area of housing. Over the past 25 years, The Auerbach Companies have directed their activities more toward prime commercial developments than large apartment complexes. In order to meet this challenge The Auerbach Companies are comprised of:

  • Ernest Auerbach Company
  • Auerbach Leasing & Management, Inc.
  • Auerbach Commercial Realty Corp.
  • Auerbach Realty Holdings, LLC
  • Auerbach Enterprises, LLC

The focus of the organization is on Property Development and Asset Management.

The Auerbach Companies considerable success has been rewarded time and again by numerous groups within the industry as well as from many civic organizations.

Today, Auerbach Realty Holdings, LLC provides full real estate services with a primary focus on development, ownership and management of residential and retail properties. The Company owns and manages 161 apartment units, four neighborhood shopping centers and numerous smaller NNN retail buildings in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Texas. Its acquisition activities are focused on residential and income property in growing communities in the Western states.

The Company takes a conservative, market-based approach in selecting projects for development and investment. In seeking projects for acquisition, the Company seeks economically-sound, high-quality properties that offer the prospect of long-term, sustained income growth.

Asset Management

Many people are of the opinion that real estate management is simply a glorified expression for property management. In fact some firms engaged in “asset management” do not offer anything more than day-to-day management of real estate. While quality property management is one of the foundations of successful real estate ownership, many other items must be addressed to preserve capital and achieve superior returns.

We pride ourselves in our ability to analyze and implement creative plans to revitalize under performing real estate. This is possible, in large part, because of the experience we have gained in developing, building, owning and operating our own properties.

Asset management is much more than another expression for property management. True asset management involves not only “hands on” day-to-day operation of a property, but identifying and carrying out long and short term strategies for realizing an investment’s maximum potential.

Our Asset Management Services include:

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Disposition
  • Financial Reports
  • Income and Expense Analysis
  • Major Renovations
  • Project Repositioning
  • Property Accounting
  • Receiverships
  • Refinancing
  • Tenant Relations