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Ernest Auerbach sought throughout his life to share his good fortune with a wider world. An active philanthropist with his wife, he was a benefactor to many local instituations. He was a firm believer that one was obligated to give back generously to the community that enriched him (or her) and that no one succeeded on his own without the help and support of others. He mentored many young people in the real estate industry and gave generously and regularly to multiple philanthropies.

  University of California Los Angeles  (UCLA)

  Madre con nino en la cadera (Mother with Child at Her Hip)

  Bronze by Francisco Zuniga, 1979

  Displayed in the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden

  Gift of Lisa and Ernest Auerbach 1980












Ramona Public Library

The Auerbach Family Trust donated $500,000 to the Friends of Ramona Library built at 1349 Main Street, Ramona, California